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Flower Pot Speaker


Here is an esthetic solution for situations, where ugly speakers are an eye sore. The Flower Pot Speakers are embedded in a beautiful planter that fits nicely into the environment. They don't look 'technical' but cozy and pleasing.

Especially in churches big black speakers elevated on chrome stands on the altar disturb the visual harmony of the otherwise excellent architecture.  The subconscious feels at home and at ease with a good old look, the well balanced composition of wood and stone, of stained glass and decent indirect lighting.  But when cables, light bulbs, or even big speakers obstruct the view, this feeling of harmony can be replaced by a feeling of stress.

This problem can be solved with the Flower Pot Speakers, which do not look like speakers, but like mugs or flower pots.  The top can be decorated with small stones, artificial grass, etc.

The speaker's capacity is 200 Watt and their impedance is 8 Ohm.  They contains a 12'' woofer, a tweeter and a frequency filter for sending two frequency ranges to the appropriate speakers (crossover).


A decorative deflector shaped like a leaf disguised as part of an artificial plant is available to direct the higher frequencies into a horizontal direction.  The lower frequencies are not very directional and do not need a deflector, so a small deflector covering the tweeter mounted in the middle is sufficient (but it is not necessary either).



Microphone?   Do you see a microphone?
Of cause not - it is hidden im the plant (the middle part of the right one).

A high quality microphone in a decorative package.
No chrome stands, no technical look.

The microphone has a built-in amplifier with a low impedance output for low hum, high quality audio. It is powered by a battery, which is integrated into the heavy, solid concrete base. The battery, a tiny 1.5V button cell should last many years, because the current draw is only 25uA (25 millionth of an ampere)

The base is a very decorative basket.  The three canes plug into tubes in the base. The middle one with the microphone has an electrical connector at the bottom.

Close-up.  The white spot in the plant is the microphone.  (Hard to see, the automatic camera focus adjusted to the background)

It measures only 2.7 mm x 5.9 mm diameter. 
(~ 0.1'' x 0.23'')

The 3.5 mm plug on the left, integrated into the plant stem, plugs into the jack at the bottom of the holding tube in the concrete base.

The connector to the right also plugs into a jack in the base and connects to the power amplifier.

To round off the good, non-technical look, wireless solutions are available for both, speaker and microphone.


Creative Audio - Decorative speakers and microphones ... setting the accent in fine architecture.