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Radar Drone 


This Radar Drone transmits at 24.125 Ghz (K-band).  It triggers Radar Detectors causing motorists to belive law enforcement is waiting with a ticket for them.

Radar Drones are employed in ambulanes, school busses, in construction zones, etc. to slow traffic down .

The Drone can be supplied with a steady or intermittent signal. A clamp-on deflektor is available to split the microwave beam in two and send it focused into both traffic directions.

Runs on internal 9V battery or 12V Vehicle power. Button is bypassed in 12 V mode (unit is always on).

Radar Drone with solar panel

The standard drone D24C with
continuous transmission costs $ 295.00. 

  The standard drone D24CD with
continuous transmission + deflector costs $ 325.00. 


A drone with a microcontroller and a software based random generator D24R
which simulates instant-on police radar is also available for $ 475.00.

 Shipping is free within the US
  Radar Drone is not currently available.

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